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Oh man..

Don't get me wrong buddy, I love your animation. But most of the time I come back here and watch just to listen to the song.

Which actually begs the question, how can so many people say that the song isn't that great? The simplicity of it is beautiful, and the lyrics are actually really great.

Keep up your awesome work!


That's extremely true, the population of the world are "zombie-fied" through the media and you've used quite a literal, yet subtle method of showing that while still keeping the message I assume you had in mind.

Terrific work, I expect to see more from you!

Animation Vs. Animator??

GREAT job Swain, keep it up!!!

Can't wait for the new stuff! =D

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To all reviewers:
To fix the issue with lag, simply exit the game and come back and it works for awhile. There is an auto-save feature, you know. It only takes a second to get back in.

To anyone having a difficult time with all of the levels, saying that they're impossible or what-have-you. I literally just beat the game. Just have a little bit of patience, keep upgrading your guys. Speed, lifespan and the area of initial attack are the determining factors in the early areas.

The way I did it.. I couldn't tell you the order in which I upgraded my zed. But! I can say that I destroyed every city in every country in this order: Africa, Middle East, India, China, Indo-China, Philippines, Japan, Australia, Russia, Europe, South America, Central America, United States, Canada, Greenland.

It's really simple, if you find yourself having difficulty ending a city somewhere, just move on take out some of the smaller areas, upgrade a bit, then return. By the end of the game I was destroying cities in a matter of seconds (mostly thanks to MJ :P)

Just persevere and you'll find that it's a relatively easy game.

Great game,

But you can only go to Partner before having to end and buy the game... If you're going to put games you have to buy on Newgrounds. At least put something somewhere in the description about how short it is.

Overall it was a good game though, needs a few added extra like a zoom feature and a button to make the game faster.

Other than that, not bad.


I kept losing due to intense lag.

Great game, just great. I got pretty far, but I kept losing due to lag!

Work on that!

ActionSick responds:

The next version will have no lag :D

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Absolutely stunning quality!

If I could find the words to express how much I enjoy the Ultima Eternus suite, I would let you know. However, unfortunately, I lack the vocabulary to proper describe the talents that you continually display.

As always, excellent, excellent work my friend!

Lashmush responds:

Heheh, ironically the second most worded review on this submission. :3


Mother of God..

This is the epitome of sonic excellence, my ears are in a state of grimey bliss right now. Oozing with love juices and an insatiable hunger for MOAR.


I don't review often, but with you I feel I have to because what you have here is great, honestly.

I do however have complaints about the overall production, I'll start with guitars since I'm a guitarist myself. (:

Your biggest problem here is the volume, it's much, much to low. For someone who wanted the guitars to be the main point of the song, you've mixed the guitars far too quietly and far back in the mix.

I'm not even sure if you have one, if you do it's non-existent here.

The kick is weak, also nearly non-existent. The snare is the loudest thing in the song, it's almost as if you mixed and mastered the song in the high-mid frequencies. If there were any toms used, I couldn't hear them at all.

The synths actually were probably mixed the best, the volume is great, and because they're a pad, the high frequency actually benefits them.

Overall mix:
You seem to have tightened the mix around the high-mid frequencies and everything else was pushed to the back. When mixing and mastering, everything should have its own frequency. Drums, guitars, everything should have its own frequency. It gives everything room to breathe, it's all kept to itself and heard perfectly by listeners. Another big issue was over-compression and/or limiting, you have a huge amount of compression it's overwhelming and it really killed the mix.

The musicality of the track is fantastic. I couldn't hear enough of the lead guitar to catch any mistakes, but what I did hear was clean, thought out and well organized, same goes for the rhythm. The drums, are just there to fill space nothing fantastic so I won't judge anything on you, just know that there was enough variety to keep the listener from getting bored.

The only thing I can recommend is reading about mixing and mastering. It will benefit you greatly, I promise.

I'm giving you an 8/10 solely because of your mix, which honestly deserves a 6. But because of the amount of effort in the music alone, I feel you earned a couple extra stars.


wilb0b responds:

wow thanks! and yeah i didnt have time to mix it all well enough, i wrote out and recorded everything then just said call it quits cuz it was 4 in the morn when i was done lolol but i may redo the mixing and replace this version.

and i do have a mastering over everything so it might have govern the whole song to sound compressed, I'm not used to Logics mastering lol

thanks for the review! it should help greatly!

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Sim City!

Space ship reminded me of it, kind of want to play that now...

Love this, I love how all of your artwork is... Physical?

Anyhow, great job!


Reminds me of the guy from Monty Pythons Meaning of Life...

I have no idea why..

Very good though!

Beautiful recreation,

However you put your own wonderful style into it. Not only have you made this more of a landscape style piece, but you've thinned the line and made it slightly less intense.

Intensity was the heart and soul of the piece you've transformed. It carried the message of a separation between the rebels and the fitting in.

There just isn't much to say here that hasn't been said about the original, except that this one carrying a slightly different letter, a new note for the eyes of the viewers.

The same idea applies, a boundary separates the artists from the average people. However, once you've crossed the line in this piece you've got no limits, you've got the endless space that is the universe to communicate the images, musical notes, or even the words that make up a gripping novel.

lol i ran out of stuff to say

Letiger responds:

How do you come up w/ this shit. THANKS FOR TEH 7!

Excuse the gang signs.

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