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Mothership Demands Milk Mothership Demands Milk

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Sim City!

Space ship reminded me of it, kind of want to play that now...

Love this, I love how all of your artwork is... Physical?

Anyhow, great job!

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marioooo marioooo

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Reminds me of the guy from Monty Pythons Meaning of Life...

I have no idea why..

Very good though!

A line A line

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Beautiful recreation,

However you put your own wonderful style into it. Not only have you made this more of a landscape style piece, but you've thinned the line and made it slightly less intense.

Intensity was the heart and soul of the piece you've transformed. It carried the message of a separation between the rebels and the fitting in.

There just isn't much to say here that hasn't been said about the original, except that this one carrying a slightly different letter, a new note for the eyes of the viewers.

The same idea applies, a boundary separates the artists from the average people. However, once you've crossed the line in this piece you've got no limits, you've got the endless space that is the universe to communicate the images, musical notes, or even the words that make up a gripping novel.

lol i ran out of stuff to say

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Letiger responds:

How do you come up w/ this shit. THANKS FOR TEH 7!


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The moment I laid eyes upon this extraordinary piece, I knew I'd stumbled upon a masterpiece. The fact that a mere mortal being has the immense creative capacity is incredible to say the least.

And the more I look at it, the more emotion I feel. The more thoughts I can feel being morphed and twisted through my mind as I gaze upon such an absolutely gorgeous work of art.

And the title, it's so moving. A single word, a single noun. It's almost a tease to the unsuspecting viewer, who is forced to create their own title based on the emotions brought forth by the finest work mankind could ever hope to produce.

In my own humble opinion, I would say that the line represents a boundary for us as a people. It's red, because red symbolizes evil or urgency, this is a boundary we are not meant to cross. The left side represents the general populous, the six and a half billion people who do as they are told, who kindly follow the boundary's wishes. However, the right side, the rebellious side refuses to be held back by a simple non-tangible line.

These rebellious people are called artist, and you sir, are one of these right sided people.


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FYROM responds: